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The Story Behind Smokin' Stogies Motorcycles

About the Brand:

    Smokin' Stogies Motorcycles is a local clothing brand located in Collegeville, PA est. 2019.

    Smokin' Stogies Motorcycles was actually just a name that came up in a conversation amongst brothers while out on a motorcycle ride.  Not long after that ride I started thinking about how interesting it would be to have an appealing brand that was geared towards the biker community, those who enjoy smokin' stogies, & the old school ways and days.  I just started throwing ideas back and forth between friends and family about starting up such a clothing brand and years later, here it is.  We use a USA printing company currently to print all of our designs on shirts provided by the company.  The materials/clothing provided by the company comes from all over, although we do have several USA made items and are working to use more.  All future material will be printed on USA made material as of 8/1/2023.  

    As the owner, I'm very simple in that I love spending time with family, riding motorcycles, working on my motorcycles, and smokin' stogies now and then.  (Calm down, I'm not condoning the use of tobacco products. I'm just stating that I enjoy a cigar now and then and others do as well).  Unfortunately, I have to make that statement for all of the softies within the cancel culture who want to shut companies down for absolute nonsense and we have already been censored on social media platforms since we started for much less.  I wanted to create shirts and other apparel that everyone could wear but also gear my apparel towards the cigar and biker communities while reminiscing the old school ways and days.  I was raised to be respectful to others, to love my country, and most importantly love my family.  I was also raised to speak my mind and stand up for what I believe in no matter what.  I wanted this brand to be just that.  A brand that showed respect to the biker and cigar community and to those who have earned it (respect isn't something that's just handed out after all); didn't represent one race, gender, religion etc; that showed love to our country as well as those who serve for our country.  Creating this brand has been something that many of my family members and friends have been a part of since the beginning, in one way or another, which is pretty cool in itself. 





"Smokin' Stogies Motorcycles":

    I was brought up with a grandfather who loved one thing everyday of his life; Smokin' a good ol' cigar.  Anyone who knew him, knew that he loved his stogies and would offer one up to anyone.  As I got older I was able to enjoy a stogie with my grandfather now and then along with friends and family.  Some of the greatest memories and moments that I can recall with my grandfather, family, and friends were enjoyed while smokin' a good stogie.  


    My love for motorcycles is strong and creating an apparel that could be worn by fellow riders just felt right.  I didn't want to create a brand just for one group of people and I surely didn't want to create the same old "bad biker" shirts that you see out there.

    This is not the brand that is going to include cuss words on every shirt to make the man or woman wearing it look "cool" or "tough".   A shirt, hat, or piece of clothing cannot do that for you and neither can our company.  That being said, most of our shirts, hats, etc do include skulls, skeletons, and some pretty sweet designs.  This does give it a rough look at times but it's to speak to every gender/race/etc because a skeleton/skull does not represent race/gender/etc.  

    You will always notice some 'old school' ideas or designs with our apparel.  This is because Smokin' Stogies Motorcycles thought it was more important to bring back the old school mentality whether it was related to the old school biker ways and/or just reminiscing how things used to be and/or how they should be (at least in our point of view) .  For example: Showing each other respect despite race, gender, religion unless that person simply is a POS and doesn't deserve respect; having a good time and enjoying life; protecting your community; showing respect to our men & women who serve/served as military/police to help protect our freedom; working on your own motorcycle etc. (the shade tree mechanic); the good ol' kick start motorcycles and the effort it used to take to start a bike; the mentality of being there for other bikers (and/or friends, family, etc); being loyal.  These are just examples of what we mean by bringing back the old school mentality.  To be noted, we support the M&P but we sure as hell don't support corrupt scum bags, we don't support RATs and we definitely don't support folks who pushed or supported these mandates and shots no matter what you do or what you serve in.  These statements had to be added as some folks get it twisted and think we just fully support cops no matter what.  The blue line support is a thin line.  The support for the military is also a thin line.  We stand by those who actually work and serve to protect the people and serve the people plain and simple.


The brand Smokin' Stogies Motorcycles is owned by Smokin' Stogies LLC.  "Smokin' Stogies Motorycles is a trademark owned by Justin Melzi - member and owner of Smokin' Stogies LLC.  For any other information about our brand etc. don't hesitate to ask.


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